Metal Letters and Logos

     We custom cut and finish your signage,  letters and logos from any metal such as, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass and Bronze.  We will custom finish your metal signage to your specifications and design (Polish, Satin, Non-Directional, Painted or Oxidized).

    ALUMINUM LETTERS AND LOGOS - Aluminum letters can make a great impression on any client visiting your office.  Aluminum letters and logos reflect a bright, clean modern look.  Through the different finishes (polished,staineded or painted) aluminum can be a cost effective way to achieve a beautiful metallic look for your interior or exterior signage.

    STAINLESS STEEL LETTERS & LOGOS - The difference between stainless steel letters and aluminum letters is how they reflect light.  While aluminum letters and logos reflect light as white, stainless steel letters and logos

    BRASS & BRONZE LETTERS & LOGOS -  BRASS AND BRONZE ARE BACK.  The difference between brass and bronze is the look.  While brass letters tend to be more of a bright gold color tone, bronze letters allow the copper to show through and gives a darker gold, earthier color tone. The warm metal tones of brass and bronze tend to be more opulent in nature than the silver metals.  Brass or bronze will give your letters and logo a warm, rich feel.

      ETCHED BRASS & BRONZE PLAQUES AND SIGNAGE -  When the highest level of detail is required with the smallest copy, etched brass or bronze plaques and signs are the answer.  Extremely durable for interior and exterior signage, we can color fill copy and logos to the colors you specify.  Commonly used for dedications, donor recognition walls, display plaques  and room ID's where ADA compliance is not an issue they add a sense of elegance and beauty.

      ACRYLIC OR PLASTIC LETTERS & LOGOS -  All of our acrylic letters are cut with our Epilog laser cutting systems.  Laser cutting acrylic, accurately reproduces your custom lettering, logos and intricate designs leaving a smooth polished edge on the returns of your acrylic letters and logos.  Acrylic then can be painted to match your company colors exactly.  Acrylic Letters and logos can be a cost effective substitute for metal letters.

     OFFICE AND DOOR SIGNAGE  - All custom ADA and Non-ADA compliant door signs. Office and cubical name plates directionals, plaques and fire maps.  As well as logo signage.  We offer a complete signage package for new and existing businesses..

Artisan can custom design any pattern of panel as well as use your design to cut any material (aluminum, brass, stainless, wood or acrylic).  Once your panels are fabricated, you can get any finish your decor requires and we can match any color.

Acrylic and Plastic Letters and Logos

     All of our acrylic and plastic signage letters and logos  are laser cut from clear acrylic and painted to match your design specifications.  We will cut signage from colored acrylic upon request.  Painted acrylic can be a less expensive option of getting your message across and maintaining a crisp, clean edge cut signage solution.

ADA Compliant Signage

     All ADA signage is produced by us and is to the "letter of the law" as per the ADA code.  We use grade II ada compliant ball point braille in all of our signage.  We will produce custom ADA compliant restroom signs, ADA compliant room ID signs (Storage, Mechanical Room, Electrical Closet Etc.....), custom ADA compliant stair signs.  

     Since our ADA signs are custom made it allows you the freedom to choose different materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze or acrylic.  This also allows you the freedom to choose finishes like non-directional or satin finished, as well as color choice of copy and background.

     FAST TURNAROUND, 5 BUSINESS DAYS - Since we are the manufacturer we are in complete control from start to finish of your project.  All aspects of your order are handled by our staff of skilled fabricators.  This allows for some of the fastest completion times in the signage industry.  From the time your art work is approved, your signage will leave our facility in 5 BUSINESS DAYS.  Rush orders are available.  This does not include installation.


  • Waterjet, Laser & CNC Router cut letters and logos Cut Letters and Logos from Metal, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Plastic and Wood All Finishes: #8 Polished (Mirror), #4 Satin (Vertical or Horizontal), Non-Directional and Painted (We can Match Any Color) Precision cutting of any shape or size logo and ability to cut any font