All of our aluminum sign letters and logos are cut with our Flow waterjet cutting system.  This allows for the highest quality cut and accuracy of your aluminum cut logo.  All edges and returns of sign letters and logos are sand blasted to achieve uniformity in finish.

Hotel Aluminum room Number
Custom Aluminum Logos and lettering
Painted Aluminum Letters and Logos

Additional Options As Listed in Our Calculator

  • Satin Finished Letters (#4 Brushed Vertical or Horizontal) Add 15 % to base price
  • Painted Letters (Your Specifications) Add 10% to base price of letters
  • Polished (Mirror Finish) Add 50% to base price
  • Non-Directional and Orbital Finished Letters peeped for paint add 10%to base price of letters.
  • Drill Patterns, Tapped Letters & Pins for Installation will be $4.00 additional per character

Please use the grey highlighted boxes to choose your options.

Polished aluminum letters and logos
Satin finish Aluminum letters and Logos

Satin Finished Aluminum Letters (#4,Brushed)

Non-directional aluminum

Non-Directional Finish


                     1-For letters 41" and larger please contact us for a quote

                   2-If you have a logo please contact us for pricing

                   3-If we do not have your font you will be asked to provide it

                   4-If you have questions or are ready to order please contact us.

Polished Finish Aluminum Letters (#8, Mirror Finish)

                                                          Aluminum Cut letter & Signage Cost Estimator

    Aluminum company letters and logos reflect a clean, crisp, and bright feel and fit in with any look, upscale, rustic and urban.  Express your company's attention to detail and style with aluminum letters and logos.

     When you choose aluminum for your signage the possibilities are endless.  Interior or exterior, polished, satin, non-directional or painted, aluminum letters and company logos can be cut to match any font and any logo design.  Cut from flat aluminum sheets to exact specifications with thicknesses ranging from .060" to 1" and thicker if required.  

     All of your aluminum letters & logos will be machine cut and hand finished by our team of skilled artisans in our New York manufacturing facility.

     Call or email with what you need and get a quote the same day.