Polished Brass Logo, Polished Stainless Steel "RBC" letters on satin finished stainless steel sheila. Large lettering is polished brass cut letters

Painted, cut acrylic letters with a painted back plate and polished bronze logo

Cut aluminum letters and logos.  Some are satin finished and some are polished

Combination of polished and satin finished brass letters and logo

Satin finished stainless steel back plate with polished stainless steel letters on the face

Laser cut acrylic logo and letters painted specific pms colors to meet branding code

Cut stainless steel letters with satin finish faces and sand blasted returns back lit

Cut aluminum numbers with a non-directional finish ready for paint

Etched brass plaque with black color fill with a medium oxidation

Cut stainless steel logo satin finished with cut stainless steel letters

Blacked aluminum plaques with polished stainless steel cut letters and logos

Dark oxidized bronze plaque with polished bronze logo and polished bronze cut letters

Dark Oxidized bronze letters and logo

Two-tone painted acrylic logo with painted acrylic cut letters

Dark oxidized cut bronze letters
Stainless steel sign plaque

Dark oxidized bronze cut letters

Satin Finish Aluminum Logo Approximately 8 feet wide and 40" high

Acrylic lettering laser cut and applied to painted acrylic disk

Aluminum & Brass Plaque
Wood plaque with brass and bronze
Etched Brass & Bronze
Brass Plate with bronze letters

Painted aluminum plaque with polished bronze letters mounted to the front of a desk

Marble floor with cut brass letters and logo for Baccarat Hotel inlay New York NY

Wood Sign with brass and bronze plaques
Etched bronze color filled

Free standing steel frame with hanging wood plaques.  Toop wood plaque has pin mounted cut bronze letters with satin finish.  Going from left to right the first plaque is etched brass color filled with polished bronze letters.  The next 2 plaques are brass with a non-directional finish and cut bronze letters with a satin finish and the round plaque far right in etched bronze with a non-directional finish, etched and color filled black.

Black painted stainless steel plaque with cut stainless steel polished letters and logo